Franck Levy and Sarah Starzynski

A picture Franck Levy found of Sarah Starzynski when she was little.

I talked to my mother-in-law. When I asked her about the date she said it was the day she moved into the apartment that I was now moving into. She also said before her, a Jewish family used to live there. I was really surprised! I couldn’t believe they moved into¬† an apartment that they knew an arrested Jewish family had lived in! So I visited Franck Levy. He is the Holocaust speaker I was talking about earlier. I asked him to search the apartment’s address. He did and you wont believe what he found! There was a Jewish family living in the apartment! It was a family of four with a son and a daughter, Sarah Starzynski, that was my daughter’s, Zoe’s, age at the time of the round-up. Her mother, father, and brother, Michael, were all killed. He didn’t know what happened to her. I don’t know if it was the fact that they weren’t sure what happened to her, the fact that she was my daughter’s age, or that she was a sweet, innocent girl killed for no important reason that made me want to find more about her, or a combination of these reasons. I know I will find out all about Sarah’s story and her relation to my apartment.

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